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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Boston Terrier Goes Best In Show!!!

BISS CH T-Bo's Only Time Will Tell ROM Won the much coveted Best In Show Title this last weekend! This is quite an accomplishment for any breed of dog but Boston Terriers, as popular as they are, very often are over looked in the groups at Dog Shows.

CH T-Bo's Only Time Will Tell, better known as "Kiwi", is a special girl, one whom loves to show…she was born Jan. 2, 2002 and started her show career off with a bang taking BOB over top specials at 6 ½ months. Kiwi finished as a puppy and got her first Best In Specialty at 10 months old. Before hitting the show ring as a special she had a litter of 7 puppies and 5 of the 7 are now champions giving Kiwi her ROM from her first litter. Kiwi has been out the past 2 years as a Special and to date she is Ranked # 1 Boston Terrier and #1 Boston Terrier All Breed Non-Sporting according to AKC Stats. Kiwi has 2 Best In Specialty Wins “2005” and a total of 47 Group placements this year to date along with her recent Best In Show she earned at Waco, Tx. on 11/26/05 under Judge Robert Moore.

Kiwi is owned and loved by Jim and Teresa Hendrix, Stephanie Krewson, and Jackie Breazeale and lets not forget Bekka Ebarb. Jackie and Kiwi are the dream team. Watch for Kiwi’s son in “2006”.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Do NOT Feed Greenies To Your Boston Terrier (or Frenchie, Doberman, etc.)

We all love our Bostons and want to spoil them and take good care of them, right? We trust our veterinarians to only recommend what is "good" or "healthy" for our pets. Most vets offer a green toothbrush shaped dental treat called "Greenies" in their offices. We just assume that since our Veterinarian recommends it, it must be good, Right??? WRONG, in fact, in may cases, DEAD WRONG.

Many of you already read my other blog, Whole Dog News or have heard online or even on the local news that Greenies are NOT a "smart" treat at all!

I have lots of stories and information at the Whole Dog News Blog but, I wanted to share this recent news story with you today. Here is the link to KROI TV's story " Dog Treat May Carry Danger" A video clip of the show that aired is available to watch there as well.

If you want to give your Bostons a "smart" treat, give them an all natural, raw (yes I said raw!) marrow or knuckle bone that will not splinter, break off in chunks, cause blockages and guess what? It is 100% digestible! :-)