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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Famous Bostons

Eleanor Freeman, artist and owner of Pinehill Bostons has three famous Boston Terriers, soon to become even more famous!

Oreo is 7 years old. El says of Oreo, "she is my first Boston and my "heart" dog. She owns me and that's it. I have shown her in Conformation, agility and flyball. She has many agility titles and is a flyball Master excellent. Together we have driven many miles, stayed in many hotels/motels and she is the very best companion a girl could want.

Sparkler is a half sister to Oreo and is 6 years old and my diva. Basically, she does what she wants to, sometimes she is funny, sometimes she is aggravating but she is always a diva. She has been shown in conformation, agility and flyball and excelled at none of these. Now she is my most popular modeling girl because she tilts her head so cute.

Chips is Sparkle's son, he is just 2 years old. Sweet, dependable, loving with a good soul. He is being shown in conformation and has 6 points toward his championship but he really doesn't like it much. He is happiest when I take him to a children's party or senior center where he can perform his tricks.

El says it all started when a friend of hers told her about how she was making extra money with her dogs modeling and suggested that she try it. She even gave Eleanor the names of two animal agents working in NYC. Their very first job was for Target in Feb. 05. First we went down to a photo studio and Sparkler posed in a sweater looking back over her shoulder (I call it her "come hither" look.) That picture was up on the Jumbotron is Times Square the week that Westminster was in the Garden and my husband went into the city just to get a picture of it.

The following week we had to be in Bryant Park early in the morning with both Sparkler and her son Chips for Fashion Show week and in our case it was the Target dog Fashion show. The dogs got to wear a beautiful blue raincoat outfit and they were both pretty cute going down the runway. Chips was only 6 months old and a little frightened of the flashbulbs in his face. We had so much fun and decided that we would continue to do whatever jobs came our way. Since then we have done more shots for Target, a full page shot of Oreo for Real Smart magazine, Pfizer, Chicos, Anthropologie among others and Sparkle is on Project Runway tv show on Bravo TV tonight at 10:00. She and a bunch of little dogs are "the hottest accessory" according to Heidi Klune and the designers are supposed to design outfits for them and their models.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The First Boston Terrier To Earn An AKC TDX Title!

Ch. Chelestina’s Star Romancer,CD,CDX,TD,TDX (Ch. Wannaberun’s A New Hope X Ch. Chelestina’s Thistle Rose) AKA "Flynn"

This most awesome Boston boy earned his TD (AKC Tracking Dog Title) at the age of 6-1/2 months old! Just under 6 months later he finished his bench championship with a 5 point major and BOS at the Golden Gate Boston Terrier Club’s fall specialty. He then went on to earn his CD (AKC Obedience title Companion Dog) by the age of 1-1/2 years. Later, at the age of 2-1/2 years he earned both a TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and a CDX (Companion Dog Excellent)within 3 weeks of one another.

Flynn is the very first Boston Terrier in the history of the breed to earn the AKC TDX title.

His human mommy, Jan tells us that Flynn is currently in training to compete in agility and rally obedience, as well as continuing in obedience and tracking (VST). "

Am I thrilled with this little guy? Yes I am!! " Says Jan.

"I cannot thank his breeders, Lynda Piercy and her daughter Kylie, and Candice Celestina-Smith and her daughter Gabriella enough for “ Flynn “.

Who says a Boston Terrier can’t do it all? Positive and fun-filled training methods is all it takes."