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Friday, September 29, 2006

Final Tag Update

Great update and news about Tag…please feel free to share it with the BRU members. Tag has found his PERFECT “forever” home and will soon be going to live with his new family. I have been very busy interviewing people and doing home visits and it was very apparent to me when I met Rick and Christine that they were meant to be his family. They are incredibly kind, compassionate and experienced boston owners.
They know and understand his limitations and have the means to provide for him should he require further expensive medical care in the future. Best of all, he adores them! (However, I am going to cry buckets when he leaves my care, I will miss his sweet smiling puppy face greeting me each morning!). And the very best news of all……Tag was seen by his specialist and he has been pronounced in great health!! The surgery was a success!!!!!! No scar tissue! (YIPPPPPEEEEEE!) He can now go on and lead a normal life, but he will always need to be monitored for blockages because of his small (but functioning!) rectum

I know that the ebay fundraiser is wrapping up and that it has been a huge success. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Brenda, and all of the wonderful BRU members for helping our rescue organization raise the funds to help this special little pup and the others in our care. We could not continue to help homeless boston terriers without the support of caring individuals like all of you. We have been hit particularly hard with rescues in Ontario lately, here is just a brief bio of some of the dogs in our care:
Chester, who underwent cataract surgery this past fall, still needs at least one more follow-up visit with his veterinary opthalmologist and some more medications before he can go to his forever home. Chester has been in foster care since May of 2005, and in addition to his eye surgery has also required neutering, dental work, as well as routine medical care such as shots, heartworm testing and preventative, etc. Sam, a sweet senior, suffers from Cushing's Disease, and will require medications and testing for the rest of his life. His treatments are continuing to give him a great quality of life, and he is much loved by his foster family (human and canine alike).Jessica is an extremely sweet and playful young female who suffers from a persistent skin condition that may be related to an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. Numerous tests have been completed, and different treatments have been tried, but unfortunately this delightful girl still suffers from a painful, itchy rash that we have been unable to control. Jessica also needs to be spayed, but with her immune system down this can not yet take place. Her continued care will undoubtedly be expensive, but Rescue will do whatever we can to get her condition under control so that she can enjoy a happy life.

(and we have more dogs entering our care next week!)

Thank you to everyone who donated items to the fundraiser, to everyone who bid on items, and to everyone who sent donations to our rescue account. We could not have saved this sweet puppy without your help, we will forever be grateful to BRU for your incredible compassion towards our special Tag. I’ll be sure to post new pics when I receive them from his new family!
I know that I have said this before but…..THANK YOU so much to Arlene and Brenda – you both have been the driving force behind Tag’s fundraising efforts and our organization is so grateful to the both of you for everything that you have done. By taking on this fundraiser you allowed me to have the time to provide the 24/7 medical care that Tag needed after his major surgery and because of the continued care he received, he recovered without any complications. Thank you for taking on such a big job and providing me with the opportunity to provide Tag with my undivided attention and love, you both played a huge part in his recovery as well as providing the financial means to help pay for his care. There aren’t enough words to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude
BTCC Rescue