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Monday, December 18, 2006

A Herding Boston Terrier:

Robson is a 2 year old Canadian bred Boston Terrier owned by Le-Ann Elgie, Owner/Director of Fido Can 2: Canine Consultation and Training in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Robson had previously shown extreme prey drive but had difficulty with attention, focus and excess energy. He has previously trained in obedience, rally, agility and disc sports, however, nothing ever seemed to slow him down nor completely tap his drive/energy.

Robson’s “brother”, Dash (a Cattle dog) is a herding breed, thus, Robson spent some time at the sheep farm watching his brother train. Robson always seemed very excited by the other dogs working at the sheep farm and he would watch them carefully on a weekly basis; eventually, we decided to give Robson a try on the sheep. Robson was phenomenal….he got around his sheep, demonstrating good balance and excellent instinct. After such initial success, the AHBA was contacted (American Herding Breed Association) and it was found out that “non-herding breeds” can compete in AHBA events, however, they must start at the Junior Herding Dog (JHD) level which essentially is the “second” level of competition that requires the following (as quoted from the AHBA website):
The stock (3 to 10 animals) are free-standing in the middle of the short side near the top of the arena, well off the fence. The dog may be brought in on lead, and the handler may gently guide the dog by the collar to a position within no less than 15 ft. of the stock before removing the lead. Off-lead, the dog must hold a stand, sit or down, then is released to gather and/or drive the stock.
Throughout the course, the handler may take any position relative to the stock and dog but may not touch the dog once the stock are set in motion.
The stock are taken through the panels. The handler may take the center panel either on the return from the corner panels or on the way to the corner panels (when negotiating the corner panels, the handler may choose to do either the righthand or lefthand panel first).
The stock are then taken to the pen. The dog is stopped, holding the stock in place, while the handler opens the gate to the pen. After the stock have entered, the handler must close the gate; the dog should remain outside the pen.
Course time is 8 minutes.

Robson now trains in herding, along with his brother Dash, on a weekly basis. He has most recently learned to “walk up” and he is showing great promise. It is hoped that Robson will compete in the first JHD trial offered in 2007 by the AHBA. In addition to Robson’s herding success thus far, weekly “work” on the sheep has greatly changed Robson’s attitude. He is compliant, calm, eager to please, focused and motivated to train on a daily basis. For those who do not think that Bostons can do it all, Robson demonstrates that he “begs to differ.”

You can now see videos of Robson herding his sheep at:

You can get it full sized and copy all of them (there are four) from here:

Friday, September 29, 2006

Final Tag Update

Great update and news about Tag…please feel free to share it with the BRU members. Tag has found his PERFECT “forever” home and will soon be going to live with his new family. I have been very busy interviewing people and doing home visits and it was very apparent to me when I met Rick and Christine that they were meant to be his family. They are incredibly kind, compassionate and experienced boston owners.
They know and understand his limitations and have the means to provide for him should he require further expensive medical care in the future. Best of all, he adores them! (However, I am going to cry buckets when he leaves my care, I will miss his sweet smiling puppy face greeting me each morning!). And the very best news of all……Tag was seen by his specialist and he has been pronounced in great health!! The surgery was a success!!!!!! No scar tissue! (YIPPPPPEEEEEE!) He can now go on and lead a normal life, but he will always need to be monitored for blockages because of his small (but functioning!) rectum

I know that the ebay fundraiser is wrapping up and that it has been a huge success. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, Brenda, and all of the wonderful BRU members for helping our rescue organization raise the funds to help this special little pup and the others in our care. We could not continue to help homeless boston terriers without the support of caring individuals like all of you. We have been hit particularly hard with rescues in Ontario lately, here is just a brief bio of some of the dogs in our care:
Chester, who underwent cataract surgery this past fall, still needs at least one more follow-up visit with his veterinary opthalmologist and some more medications before he can go to his forever home. Chester has been in foster care since May of 2005, and in addition to his eye surgery has also required neutering, dental work, as well as routine medical care such as shots, heartworm testing and preventative, etc. Sam, a sweet senior, suffers from Cushing's Disease, and will require medications and testing for the rest of his life. His treatments are continuing to give him a great quality of life, and he is much loved by his foster family (human and canine alike).Jessica is an extremely sweet and playful young female who suffers from a persistent skin condition that may be related to an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. Numerous tests have been completed, and different treatments have been tried, but unfortunately this delightful girl still suffers from a painful, itchy rash that we have been unable to control. Jessica also needs to be spayed, but with her immune system down this can not yet take place. Her continued care will undoubtedly be expensive, but Rescue will do whatever we can to get her condition under control so that she can enjoy a happy life.

(and we have more dogs entering our care next week!)

Thank you to everyone who donated items to the fundraiser, to everyone who bid on items, and to everyone who sent donations to our rescue account. We could not have saved this sweet puppy without your help, we will forever be grateful to BRU for your incredible compassion towards our special Tag. I’ll be sure to post new pics when I receive them from his new family!
I know that I have said this before but…..THANK YOU so much to Arlene and Brenda – you both have been the driving force behind Tag’s fundraising efforts and our organization is so grateful to the both of you for everything that you have done. By taking on this fundraiser you allowed me to have the time to provide the 24/7 medical care that Tag needed after his major surgery and because of the continued care he received, he recovered without any complications. Thank you for taking on such a big job and providing me with the opportunity to provide Tag with my undivided attention and love, you both played a huge part in his recovery as well as providing the financial means to help pay for his care. There aren’t enough words to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude
BTCC Rescue

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Search is On For America's Top Dogs

Do you own one of America's Top Dogs? The search is on for the top dogs in America for inclusion in the 1st edition of the American Dogs of Distinction. Destined to be a collector's item, the 1st release will be a comprehensive historical compilation of biographical profiles and achievements made by 'American dogs of distinction' as well as being a colorful and informative history of dogs and activities they are involved in.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2006 -- The American Dogs of Distinction announced that their nationwide search continues for America's top dogs! Nominations for inclusion in the '2007 American Dogs of Distinction' are currently being accepted on their company's website So far, the response is overwhelming. Prominent dogs from all sectors are being nominated. The overall excitement is increasing as the news is spreading about this monumental under-taking to compile the first-ever comprehensive record of America's Top Dogs.

Amongst America's top dogs are search & rescue dogs, guide dogs, working dogs, performance dogs, therapy dogs, k9 & other law enforcement dogs, movie and TV stars, service dogs, obedience and conformation champions, Register of Merit (ROMs), top producers in each breed and of course America's pampered pets. Dogs that are accepted into this publication might be top ranking dogs (in conformation, obedience, agility, herding, etc) and/or are the extraordinary working, service or therapy dogs. They are dogs that 'make a difference' in our lives and the lives of others.The 2007 American Dogs of Distinction is a comprehensive historical compilation of biographical profiles and achievements made by 'American dogs of distinction'. No one has ever compiled such comprehensive reference data on America's top dogs of yesterday and today. There are countless biographical reference books available today, but this is the first one that is specific to dogs. In the aftermath of the Oklahoma bombings, 9-11, Katrina and the countless other national and local emergencies where law Enforcement Dogs, Service Dogs and Search & Rescue Dogs are called upon to save human lives and property we salute their efforts but few people remember their names. We hear about the major disasters but the contributions of guide dogs, therapy dogs, assistance dogs, law enforcement dogs and countless others occur on a daily basis. Their contributions to society are impossible measure.The 1st Edition of the American Dogs of Distinction will be a tribute and lasting memorial to all dogs, their agents, owners, trainers and handlers.

This memorable book will surely be valued for its biographical reference data, and is destined to become a treasured favorite of dog lovers everywhere! In addition to the hardcopy publication, The American Dogs of Distinction plans to have an on-line database of the biographical data contained in their book. An interesting perk is the company will 'update' the information on a quarterly basis.For dogs that are winning awards, achievements or working towards top rankings it will be a nice feature to have an on-line database with current and accurate information.

The 2007 American Dogs of Distinction 1st Edition publication will only be distributed through the American Dogs of Distinction website. Reserve copies of the '2007 American Dogs of Distinction' can be ordered on their website. Advance sales are now being accepted.To nominate a dog, owners and handlers must complete an on-line form that gathers information about their dog(s). Everything from the basic information (i.e.; name, age, sex, breed, etc) to the awards, titles, and achievements the dogs have earned. There is no fee to nominate a dog or to list a dog in any of their publications - it's free.

For further information -- please visit:

# # #

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Famous Bostons

Eleanor Freeman, artist and owner of Pinehill Bostons has three famous Boston Terriers, soon to become even more famous!

Oreo is 7 years old. El says of Oreo, "she is my first Boston and my "heart" dog. She owns me and that's it. I have shown her in Conformation, agility and flyball. She has many agility titles and is a flyball Master excellent. Together we have driven many miles, stayed in many hotels/motels and she is the very best companion a girl could want.

Sparkler is a half sister to Oreo and is 6 years old and my diva. Basically, she does what she wants to, sometimes she is funny, sometimes she is aggravating but she is always a diva. She has been shown in conformation, agility and flyball and excelled at none of these. Now she is my most popular modeling girl because she tilts her head so cute.

Chips is Sparkle's son, he is just 2 years old. Sweet, dependable, loving with a good soul. He is being shown in conformation and has 6 points toward his championship but he really doesn't like it much. He is happiest when I take him to a children's party or senior center where he can perform his tricks.

El says it all started when a friend of hers told her about how she was making extra money with her dogs modeling and suggested that she try it. She even gave Eleanor the names of two animal agents working in NYC. Their very first job was for Target in Feb. 05. First we went down to a photo studio and Sparkler posed in a sweater looking back over her shoulder (I call it her "come hither" look.) That picture was up on the Jumbotron is Times Square the week that Westminster was in the Garden and my husband went into the city just to get a picture of it.

The following week we had to be in Bryant Park early in the morning with both Sparkler and her son Chips for Fashion Show week and in our case it was the Target dog Fashion show. The dogs got to wear a beautiful blue raincoat outfit and they were both pretty cute going down the runway. Chips was only 6 months old and a little frightened of the flashbulbs in his face. We had so much fun and decided that we would continue to do whatever jobs came our way. Since then we have done more shots for Target, a full page shot of Oreo for Real Smart magazine, Pfizer, Chicos, Anthropologie among others and Sparkle is on Project Runway tv show on Bravo TV tonight at 10:00. She and a bunch of little dogs are "the hottest accessory" according to Heidi Klune and the designers are supposed to design outfits for them and their models.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The First Boston Terrier To Earn An AKC TDX Title!

Ch. Chelestina’s Star Romancer,CD,CDX,TD,TDX (Ch. Wannaberun’s A New Hope X Ch. Chelestina’s Thistle Rose) AKA "Flynn"

This most awesome Boston boy earned his TD (AKC Tracking Dog Title) at the age of 6-1/2 months old! Just under 6 months later he finished his bench championship with a 5 point major and BOS at the Golden Gate Boston Terrier Club’s fall specialty. He then went on to earn his CD (AKC Obedience title Companion Dog) by the age of 1-1/2 years. Later, at the age of 2-1/2 years he earned both a TDX (Tracking Dog Excellent) and a CDX (Companion Dog Excellent)within 3 weeks of one another.

Flynn is the very first Boston Terrier in the history of the breed to earn the AKC TDX title.

His human mommy, Jan tells us that Flynn is currently in training to compete in agility and rally obedience, as well as continuing in obedience and tracking (VST). "

Am I thrilled with this little guy? Yes I am!! " Says Jan.

"I cannot thank his breeders, Lynda Piercy and her daughter Kylie, and Candice Celestina-Smith and her daughter Gabriella enough for “ Flynn “.

Who says a Boston Terrier can’t do it all? Positive and fun-filled training methods is all it takes."

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Piglet Update

Just got an email from Donna about Piglet's progress and wanted to share with you all that following her plight!.

"Piglet is getting better and better! Her vision is acceptable and the pressure is close to normal now. The conjunctaval flap (sp?) is still there and will wear away over time, so she looks downright ghoulish! I am working on house training and getting her to stop eating poop voraciously (she runs into the house with it, YUCK!).

I want to thank each and everyone who has helped Piglet with money, with prayers, and just sending her good thoughts!"

Donna Farmer
Birminingham Boston Terrier Rescue

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Boston Beautiful Photo Contest

Hi There, my name is Chase (JeanE's Chasing The Storm) I wanted to take a minute to tell you that have been meeting some wonderful new Boston buddies since my mom started this lil ole' blog here. My newest friend is Miss Emma. Miss Emma's mom made a great new Boston Terrier web site for her and they are having a beauty contest for us Bostons there right now! Miss Emma's "The View From Here".

"The View From Here" features, not only a Boston Beautiful Contest but also Miss Emma does product reviews, has a Boston Terror of the week feature and coming very soon, an interview section at "Jack's Pit".

Lots of fun here folks! Now, ya'll trot on over and sniff around and vote for your favorite Beautiful Boston HERE.

I sure hope it's lil ole' me!
P.S. Ya'll can vote once a day until June 19th.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Piglet has fallen on hard times!

Piglet has fallen on hard times! She was picked up as a stray by Birmingham / Jefferson County, Alabama, Animal Control. From there, she came into rescue, where we found that she had pronounced upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, and whip and hook worms. While being treated for these afflictions, she managed to perforate her cornea (ouch!). This eye injury required a surgical repair, and the follow up treatment is at least a month of multiple eye drops and creams for her eye in addition to antibiotics and painkillers. To top off the suffering, she has to wear a large plastic collar (an E-collar) while she heals, lest she scratches her healing eye. Her medical bills are over $900.00 to date! If you can help out with Piglet's bills by sponsoring her, she (and we!) would be very grateful!

Please visit her at the following weblink:

Thank you!

Donna Farmer, President
Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc.
A 501(C)3 Organization

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 & How it all started.

I often joke that Bergamot & Emrys are my muses. But it really is true. Boston Terriers seem to inspire their owners. In all the years that we have been online we have met artists, writers, web designers, clothes designers, toy designers and rescue volunteers - all inspired by Boston Terriers. Bergamot & Emrys inspired my fiance and I to create a website (or two). began as "The Land of Bergamot" when we got our first Boston and muse extraordinaire Bergamot Fury. That site grew to become when little Emrys the Nemesister joined our family.

The site was created for fun & to share the goofy adventures of Bergamot & Emrys on the internet. We thought it would be fun to have a puppy cam when Bergamot was a tiny pup so that his breeder could check in on him and see him - that evolved into the Live Nude Puppy Cam! Eventually we added contests and games to the site. One of my favorites is the Photo of the Week contest. Each week a new Boston Terrier photo is featured and visitors are invited to enter captions for the photo. The contest allows me to meet many BTs and their people through their emails & photo submissions. The captions that are sent in always make us laugh. The talented people that participate in the captioning of the wonderful photos that are submitted constantly amaze me.

The website was all fun & games until we decided that Bergamot & Emrys needed to get a job! Boston Terriers have a notorious affinity for toy destruction. That gave us the idea to put Bergamot & Emrys to work testing dog toys. We thought offering dog toy reviews and ratings would be helpful for other Boston owners who were looking to buy a toy that would last more than five minutes. It was a popular section of the LittleBeasts site and as it grew we decided to expand it to its very own website called The Boston Terrier Challenge. We like to put the newest toys to the test to see just how durable & fun they are. Sometimes we find a toy that will have some staying power and sometimes we find a toy that is almost instantly a goner. Bergamot & Emrys love to test them all and we faithfully record the destruction. To be honest, sometimes the sheer joy of watching the Beasts gleefully destroy a toy is worth more than the money we spent to buy it. We know you Boston owners out there know what we mean!

Jeannie is right – Boston Terriers Rock!!! Let’s celebrate Boston Terriers and all the fun they bring us!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Another Famous Boston Terrier!

"Baxter", aka Ch. Copa's Grand Reflection, is a black-brindle & white 13lb spitfire!

Baxter owns a wonderful person by the name of Cindi. Cindi says of Baxter: Bax is the grandson our beloved Ch. Kap's Mr Bandeaux by Sunny, who is now almost 13 years old. He was my last specials boy. Baxter is ranked #6 in the Canine Chronicle All Breed System through March 31st.

Being a handsome "show dog", he has won multiple non-sporting group placements (he recently took back to back Group I's). He received very nice comments from both of the Best In Show judges. Bax is always owner-handled and always tries to find a small child before entering the ring to get him charged up. Then we spend the rest of the time trying to bundle his energy.

In his spare time, Baxter loves to chase birds and squirrels, keep grandpa Bandit company and model for nationally renowned photographer, Bonnie Nance. He is frequently seen in national publications, calendars and books.

Monday, April 03, 2006

“They Call Me ‘Mister Entitlement"

All About Nemo

Nemo came to live with me (Ellen Gunty) 3 years ago, 1 month after the passing of my first Boston who remains near & dear to me. In fact when I got Nemo I thought the “paws he had to fill” were going to be much too big for him. It quickly became apparent that he wasn’t about to play “2nd banana to any dog. He had a different name when I first got him from a senior couple who considered him too big, too heavy, & too whiny when traveling. I named him Nemo because I had to look all over cyberspace to find him & like that now famous fish, he too has a “lucky fin” in the form of poor hearing in one ear.

I love that he is bigger and more muscular than the average Boston but at a now svelte 25lbs, there isn’t an ounce of fat on him.
Nemo was not shy about showing his true self in fairly short order. There is not a single mean bone in this dog’s body and we bonded within the 1st week.

He just loves to kiss people, especially children (much to their delight). However he also has the biggest sense of entitlement you will ever see in a dog, not unlike the Peter Sellers character in the movie “Being There”. You could say he’s on the “all Nemo Network”-all about Nemo, all the time! He ‘s a better traveler now but when I first got him, a trip to San Francisco was his limit before he started acting like a child who whined “are we there yet”.
He quickly developed a winning strategy for getting biscuits & treats from people where I have morning coffee. Naturally he is not impolite so “snatching” food is out of the question. Basically he knows how to “work a room” and is always careful to give everyone a kiss. This strategy has made him famous and beloved in the neighborhood. Even the bus drivers are enchanted so he gets to ride without being in a crate.

Like most Bostons he doesn’t “work” for a living or so he thinks. I’m a mediator so I take him to work when possible. The parties come with their “game faces” on until he struts in. Suddenly all you hear is oohs, ahhs, snorts of joy, then the petting & belly rubs begin. It’s a shared activity so before anyone realizes what’s happened, the climate of the room is much warmer & we can get real work done. However the most special Nemo story is something that happened shortly before my mother passed away recently. She had terminal cancer and came to visit one last time. I’m told dogs can “smell” cancer and judging by Nemo’s behavior , I believe it. For the 1st time I saw him keep his distance from us while maintaining a prudent eye on the activities. He simply would not go near her until one night I left for 10 minutes to get her favorite pie. During this time, she fell and was in a lot of pain. Watching these events unfold, Nemo decided his help was needed so he went over to her & thoroughly kissed her tears away which made her smile He then sat down right next to her, on guard, until I came home. This is one very special little guy indeed and definitely “entitled” to all the good things that come his way.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A New Boston Terrier Blog

If you are a typical Boston Terrier crazy person, you love to look at pictures and read stories about Boston Terriers. You just can not get enough of these wonderful creatures! Right? Well, now there is another place to go to not only look at pictures of Boston Terriers but to have your own Boston's picture posted!

Here is how it all started:

Two years ago, Andrew didn't even know what a Boston Terrier was. "At that time I
was in college, living in a duplex with no yard at all. I'm a major animal lover and I wanted a dog. So, after a little internet research I knew bostons were for me. I loved the mini boxer look, they handle apartment life pretty well, hardly bark (don't believe everything you read online), and they met the 25 lb weight limit. Two years and two boston terriers later I wouldn't trade them for anything. They both have very different personalities. The puppy is definatly the alpha dog. The older one is pretty skiddish of everything, but they're both sweet, loyal, and cute. What more can you ask for?

Bandit, is 9 months and Bo's 2 1/2 years old. For being two dogs of the same breed they have very different personalities. Bandit has been the alpha dog since we brought him home at 9 weeks old. It was funny to see a 2 pound puppy stealing treats and toys from a full grown dog. Bandit is is one of the most playful dogs
I've ever met. His favorite game is fetch. He'll play as long as you'll throw the ball. We played for 2 hours straight last night, and our record must be over four hours.

Bo, is quite a bit more mellow. Bandit has taken over all of the toys except one Frisbee, so Bo doesn't have much to choose from. He mostly likes to sit on the couch and look out the window for people and dogs walking by to bark at. When Bandit finally wears himself out he curls up on your lap to sleep. Bo isn't
really much of a lap dog. He prefers to lay about arms length away so he can have his own space. When Bandit meets new people, he brings them a toy right away. He instantly befriends anybody will throw a ball for him. Bo is little more cautious and it takes him a few minutes to warm up to strangers. The only thing my dogs have in common is that their favorite dog treats are ice cubes. I know it isn't good for their teeth, but they really love them and they're cheap.

My two Bostons are one of the biggest part of my life (after my wife), they make everything more interesting! I know I am not alone in my love for Boston Terriers and that there are a lot of people out there that feel the same way I do about the breed. I decided to start a blog devoted to sharing Boston Terrier pictures and stories. I hope the rest of you Boston lovers out there will stop by and take the time to submit your best photos. Come on over to:

Andrew Guillotte

Tag Update!

Remember Tag? His story is below, titled "Send a Valentine to the one you love and help a puppy in need!" Tag had been surrenderd to BTCC Resuce requiring surgery for the abuse he had suffered.

Since then, he had his surgery and recoverd beautifully! He is now in his new "forever" home and wants to thank everyone for thier financial support and prayers.

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Support Boston Terrier Rescue/Win A BT Quilt!

After a long hiatus, Wisconsin Boston Terrier would like to welcome you back to it's Sixth Annual Wisconsin Boston Terrier Quilt Raffle!

This year's prizes consist of not ONE but TWO beautiful handmade heirloom Boston Terrier Queen Sized Quilts!! Quilt squares were made by dozens of volunteers all over the world. These quilts are truely a once in a lifetime opportunity to own or to give as a gift.

Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue has had a tough year with some tough cases and we are approximately $2,500.00 negative in veternarian bills. This raffle is our once a year chance to try and reduce that deficit.

Here is how the raffle will work.

1. Raffle tickets will be sold from March 25th, 2006 until May 20th, 2006. Two winners will be selected, the first winning ticket will get to select which queen sized quilt he or she would like and the second winner will receive the other queen sized quilt.

2 Ticket Prices:


3. Tickets can be purchased by paypal by going to and sending the donation to:

or by mail. Please send your check (made out to WBTR), along with a self addressed stamped envelope to:

Jodi LeMoine
651 DePere Street
Menasha, Wisconsin 54952

4. I have double-sided raffle tickets. One half will be mailed back to you and the other thrown in the raffle jar. I will keep a log of all names/ticket numbers. The raffle will start March 25th, 2006 and go until May 20th, 2006. All entries must be received by May 20th.

5. The raffle drawing will take place May 21st, 2006. Winners will be posted on all the lists as well as receiving a very happy phone call if you include your phone number.

Best of luck to one and all, and please feel free to cross post and share with all your friends and family!

Jodi and Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Why Greenies® Are Dangerous For Your Dog Part I

Why Greenies® Are Dangerous For Your Dog
Part I

My friend, Jess from is joining me in spreading the "Real" truth about Greenies®. Here is part of her great article that you can find in its entirety on my Whole Dog News Blog or Jess's blog, Common Scents You will want to read the whole article, it is very well done :-)

How Greenies came to be
In the late 1990’s, Dr. Joe and Judy Roetheli weren’t overly fond of their Samoyed’s dog breath and devised a dog treat to be an effective alternative to brushing a dog’s teeth. In 1998, the dog treat, Greenies, was introduced and gave their competitors a run for their money with 325 million treats being sold around the world last year alone, overtaking the #1 dog treat spot by a landslide. Greenies are manufactured by a Missouri-based company called S&M NuTec.

A lawsuit
A rescued Miniature Dachshund, “Burt”, died July 25, 2005 at the age of 4. A Greenie was found obstructing his intestines. Burt died 48 hours after the obstruction was surgically removed. Burt’s family filed a lawsuit against S&M NuTec on November 30, 2005.

Common sense
In my non-professional opinion; Greenies pose a danger to every dog due to the biological digestive process of the animal. Asking owners, as the manufacturer does in the fine print, to make sure their dogs don’t gulp the dog treat known as “doggie crack” is ludicrous. It goes against the dog’s own nature and may not be a possibility. Part I of Why Greenies Are Dangerous for Your Dog is dedicated to canine digestion, intestinal blockage, and the lack of common sense of the manufacturers. I urge my readers to take my conclusions seriously and ask your vets for a professional opinion.

Digestion—a quick lesson
Canine digestion is very different than human digestion. Wolves eat their food quickly in an attempt to protect it from being stolen. They do not use their jaw muscles and teeth for chewing; instead they rip off large sections of meat and swallow them whole. The function of canine teeth is to cut, much like a knife. Wolf digestion is quite efficient for its purpose, objects not broken down become encased in undigested fur, and thus the intestines are protected from injury.

Wolves and dogs, as almost-true carnivores, do not have salivary amylase, an enzyme that exists in human saliva and begins the digestive process. Salivary amylase is an enzyme, a “biological catalyst” increasing the rate of a chemical reaction. From what I understand, dogs, unlike humans, will digest any starches/carbohydrates they eat in the small intestine where amylase and other enzymes *are* found and produced by the pancreas.

A dog’s saliva creates an efficient lubricant that glazes food and helps with swallowing quickly. No chemical breakdown is occurring; the digestive chemical process has not begun. This is how dogs can gulp down their food. They are biologically made to do so.In the stomach, digestive enzymes are added to the consumed food, proteins are beginning to break down in the high acid ph of the stomach. The mucus that lubricated the food now protects the lining of the stomach wall from being digested by the enzymes. The food that is primarily protein should now be a thick milky liquid and will pass into the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine. The main site for digestion of carbohydrates is in the small intestine (the workhorse of the digestive system) and enzymes, such as amylase, are added. The broken down nutrients are then absorbed across the wall of the intestine and into the blood stream.

Please go read the whole article Here

Jessica Tighe
This article can only be reproduced when proper credit is given to the author and the website link is included.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Picture is copyrighted and is not to be copied or reproduced without permission.WE NEVER KNEW A LOVE LIKE THIS

Aston was born on November 9, 2005 to Hoss Patillo, a Florida breeder. Aston's mom is Twinkie, Hoss's dog. His dad is from Teresa Hendrix (T-Bo Bostons) - Ch. "Lights Up Broadway" a.k.a. Joey. Aston came to us after months of researching for the perfect match with our family. We wanted a pup that was healthy, playful, intelligent, and snuggly. Lucky for us, Aston is all of the above and more!

By 14 weeks, Aston already knew how to do tricks: sit, down, give me five, and come. Now,he's learned how to roll over all by himself! You can see a short video of Aston doing his tricks by clicking HERE

What we love most about him is how much of a cuddle bug he is. Even if he's in the middle of playing, when you pick him up, he's always ready to snuggle. He has THE sweetest personality and is a MAJOR daddy's boy!! We feel extremely blessed to have Aston in our lives. He has brought us SO much joy! We can't wait to see him grow and learn and spend MANY loving years with us!

Aston has his own blog here at Blogspot and would love it if you would stop by and visit sometime. You can find him at:

*All articles, pictures, text, graphics, and all other content are the property of The Whole Dog Store, Boston Terriers Rock and/or the professionals who created them. No unauthorized use is permitted. Only express, written permission is considered authorization.

Copyright© 2006 The Whole Dog Store & JeanE's Holistics All rights reserved

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Send a Valentine to the one you love and help a puppy in need!

BTCC Rescue recently had a very special puppy surrendered to our
rescue organization. Tag is a 5 month old boston terrier puppy that came into our care on Friday, Jan. 13.

Tag required a very costly surgery to repair an injury that affected his ability to toilet properly. Sadly, this injury was most likely inflicted by a human being within the first few weeks of Tag's young life. Without this surgery Tag would not have survived so our organization took on the huge cost of his surgery. We are appealing to everyone to help us help Tag and the many others in our care.

We are inviting you to participate in a special Valentine's Day fundraiser. You can send a donation to the BTCC Rescue Organization and we will send a Valentine (complete with big boston terrier kisses from Tag!) to the recipient of your choice! Your donations or participation in this fundraiser will be used to give life to this
little 4 month old boston terrier pup that deserves and needs a second chance at life. Tag is such a sweet and loving puppy, despite all of the discomfort he is in. He has a kiss for everyone and even stops strangers on the street so they can say hi to him and pet him.

Although visits to the vet are very painful for him, he always wags his whole body when he sees his specialist and his foster Mom. It's almost like he knows we want to help him. His gentle and forgiving spirit can make you believe that he has forgotten the cruelty that he received at the hands of another human being.

Tag came to us from a person who impulsively purchased him from a pet shop and was not prepared to deal with the problems of owning a poorly bred boston terrier. Tag is living proof for why people should not purchase boston terriers from backyard breeders or pet stores. Please purchase your dog from a reputable breeder or adopt from a reputable rescue organization.

We are desperate to raise the $2,000 needed to cover Tag's surgery.
Please help BTCC Rescue save the life of this special little pup.

Donations can be made via paypal using as the recipient address. Alternately, donations can be mailed to our BTCC Treasurer at:

BTCC Treasurer
Marlene Allott
525 Nootka Street
Comox, BC
V9M 2L8

*Please mark all donations BTCC Rescue and be sure to include the name and mailing address of who will be receiving the special BTCC Rescue Valentine!*

Thank you very much from Tag and all of us at BTCC Rescue!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Boston Terriers In Business!

Zoey and Panda (along with their humans, Olive and Robert Chitty) run a business called Pet Creations.

I asked Olive how Pet Creations came to be. Here is the story:
"It all started one Father’s Day while Robert and I were dating, I found a Boston Terrier picture frame and put a picture of Panda in it and gave it to Robert from Panda for Father’s Day. Later, after Zoey joined our family, I looked and looked for a frame for her picture and couldn’t find one. I looked for a year before I found one. Now I sell them!"

Olive, I asked, how did you come to know and love Boston Terriers? Olive replied:
"Before we met, my husband was asked by a friend if he wanted a dog, a black and white boxer a breeder owned but didn’t want because the dog wouldn’t take care of her litter of puppies. Robert said he would take her, he had always had big dogs. Well, he sees cute little Panda and says this is no Boxer but is a Boston Terrier! They fell in love. A few years later, Robert and I meet. I had a dog at the time whose owner had died and her son was sending him to the pound, so I took him in. His name was Teddy. Robert and I started dating and eventually brought Panda over to meet me, Teddy and the 2 cats. I fell in love with Panda. She is so smart, well behaved, cute, great smile, and has a very funny personality. Robert and I got married and had 2 Bears, Teddy Bear and Panda Bear. Teddy died about 2 1/2yrs ago of old age, and we wanted another dog. We knew we wanted another Boston. We looked at rescue, but since Panda was getting older, (she was 10) we felt a puppy would be our best bet. We were concerned about how Panda would react to another female, so we looked for a male. Well, the breeder had 2 puppies left, a male and a female. We went to see them and Zoey came running up to us. She was so lovable and sweet, we knew she was the one for us. We got Zoey at 6 weeks and she is now 2 1/2yrs. She is the one pictured on our web site Pet Creations.

Thank you Olive! Boston Terriers are like potato chips, it is next to impossible not to have more then one!

Please go visit Zoey and Panda at thier blog ( )and don't forget to look at the great Hand painted resin Boston Terrier figure frames at Pet Creations. They have two darling ones to choose from plus many other breeds as well!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boston Terrier Earns UKC Weight Pulling Title

Yup, You read right! Boston Terriers are great at just about everything! Missy, "UAGI UWP CH Kismet Joham's Princess Leia CGC TT" Enjoys many differnt sports and has the titles to prove it.

According to Shana Bobbitt, Missy's best friend and guardian, about the only sport Missy does not enjoy, is showing in conformaion.

" Missy is my first Boston Terrier. My fiance' and I purchased her
around Christmas time in 2001 right after I purchased my first home. I
had owned American Pit Bull Terriers since 1996 but was looking for a
smaller package.

I was hoping for an AKC show dog but soon realized Missy hated the
conformation ring. Our first show was the Portland Specialty where she
took a 3rd out of 6 in the Sweeps class. Since that time I have showed her
on a very limited basis and always placed in the middle of our class.
I did title her in UKC Conformation since we were also at those shows
with the pit bulls.

Missy revealed her sense of humor in obedience class, by spinning
around and going quickly in reverse to the heel position from a
recall. So we took an additional advanced class and started working
towards her CD title. She seemed to really enjoy it. She is a bit of a
co-dependant dog anyway so obedience came easy to her.

Around this same time I ordered her a harness for weight pull. While
weight pull was relatively new to UKC, they could not approve it until
it was open for all breeds. So seeing the little cart at the
competition I thought Missy should try that too. We trained a bit at
home and she caught on quickly. Pulling her at the competitions was
really an experience. She did much better than I ever expected. She
really pulls her little heart out for me, outpulling my big dogs by
body % most of the time! She earned her UWP title in quick fashion,
and is 1/2 way to the UWPCH title. We have pulled with UKC and also

Last year an agility instructor moved to town and I happened across
one of her fliers at the vet's office. I was elated. I had always
wanted to learn agility. I took both Missy and my pit bull Buddy to
those first classes. Buddy loved it but, Missy was the star of the
show. She is extremely smart and once she learned the obstacles,
quickly picked her favorites and would dash over to them (off course!)
and run them on her own just for fun. In UKC the first level agility
title does not have weave poles but does have some other strange
contact obstacles. My instructor was very helpful and built many of
the ones I needed for training. Missy earned her UAGI in the first two
weekends we entered trials. She had such a blast and was so cute she
quickly became a favorite with the spectators by taking "big air" over
the little jumps.

We have been steadily working along at our CD title in AKC. I cried
when we earned our first leg. Our second leg was months later and
(unfortunately) under the same judge as the first time so technically
that didn't count towards the title. That same weekend we did get
another qualifying score from another judge so we have 2 legs that we
need out of 3. Finanaces have kept me from entering any more trials
lately so we are holding out for Nationals in April '06 to try and get
that last score we need for what will be our first AKC title.

Missy has also earned her Canine Good Citizen title and the
Temperament Test title from the ATTS. (

Missy has been such a great companion and all I could ask for. She is
my heart dog, and has helped me become a complete Boston Terrier
convert! :) I never realized dogs could be so comical! She brings a
smile to my face with her little antics most every day. My future goal
is to earn the UKC obedience title as well to make her a SuperDog."

Shana Bobbitt & UAGI UWP CH Kismet Joham's Princess Leia CGC TT (Missy)

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Boston Terrier part of a Martha Stewart Wedding

"Pixel", 4 year old beloved Boston Terrier of Lisa Wong and Nick Jackson was the official ring bearer at their recent wedding. The wedding is featured in the latest winter 06 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

Pixel's human mom is a graphic designer and has used Pixel as her model in an adorable canvas tote bag (click HERE to view)and a card line called Pixel & Floyd

Congratulations Lisa & Nick! (and you too Pixel)