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Friday, May 26, 2006

Piglet has fallen on hard times!

Piglet has fallen on hard times! She was picked up as a stray by Birmingham / Jefferson County, Alabama, Animal Control. From there, she came into rescue, where we found that she had pronounced upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, and whip and hook worms. While being treated for these afflictions, she managed to perforate her cornea (ouch!). This eye injury required a surgical repair, and the follow up treatment is at least a month of multiple eye drops and creams for her eye in addition to antibiotics and painkillers. To top off the suffering, she has to wear a large plastic collar (an E-collar) while she heals, lest she scratches her healing eye. Her medical bills are over $900.00 to date! If you can help out with Piglet's bills by sponsoring her, she (and we!) would be very grateful!

Please visit her at the following weblink:

Thank you!

Donna Farmer, President
Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc.
A 501(C)3 Organization

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 & How it all started.

I often joke that Bergamot & Emrys are my muses. But it really is true. Boston Terriers seem to inspire their owners. In all the years that we have been online we have met artists, writers, web designers, clothes designers, toy designers and rescue volunteers - all inspired by Boston Terriers. Bergamot & Emrys inspired my fiance and I to create a website (or two). began as "The Land of Bergamot" when we got our first Boston and muse extraordinaire Bergamot Fury. That site grew to become when little Emrys the Nemesister joined our family.

The site was created for fun & to share the goofy adventures of Bergamot & Emrys on the internet. We thought it would be fun to have a puppy cam when Bergamot was a tiny pup so that his breeder could check in on him and see him - that evolved into the Live Nude Puppy Cam! Eventually we added contests and games to the site. One of my favorites is the Photo of the Week contest. Each week a new Boston Terrier photo is featured and visitors are invited to enter captions for the photo. The contest allows me to meet many BTs and their people through their emails & photo submissions. The captions that are sent in always make us laugh. The talented people that participate in the captioning of the wonderful photos that are submitted constantly amaze me.

The website was all fun & games until we decided that Bergamot & Emrys needed to get a job! Boston Terriers have a notorious affinity for toy destruction. That gave us the idea to put Bergamot & Emrys to work testing dog toys. We thought offering dog toy reviews and ratings would be helpful for other Boston owners who were looking to buy a toy that would last more than five minutes. It was a popular section of the LittleBeasts site and as it grew we decided to expand it to its very own website called The Boston Terrier Challenge. We like to put the newest toys to the test to see just how durable & fun they are. Sometimes we find a toy that will have some staying power and sometimes we find a toy that is almost instantly a goner. Bergamot & Emrys love to test them all and we faithfully record the destruction. To be honest, sometimes the sheer joy of watching the Beasts gleefully destroy a toy is worth more than the money we spent to buy it. We know you Boston owners out there know what we mean!

Jeannie is right – Boston Terriers Rock!!! Let’s celebrate Boston Terriers and all the fun they bring us!