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Why Boston Terriers Rawk

Let me start out by saying that Boston Terriers are very special dogs that can do very special things. They are highly intelligent and learn quickly. They do very well in Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Therapy work and even Weight pulling! Most of all they excel at being your "best friend".

Boston Terriers tend to be active dogs that love to play. They require and thrive on attention, going everywhere with you, being your shadow and constant companion. These wonderful dogs have become very popular and because they are so "cute", many people have run out to buy them before doing their homework, so to speak. There are quite a few Boston Terriers being bred without regard to their health or temperament so please do your YOUR homework and research out this fantastic breed and make sure it is the right breed for you.

The majority of the Boston Terriers featured on this blog are raw fed and minimally vaccinated for better health and longer lives.

Please, buy ONLY from a reputable and ethical breeder that has health clearances on their dogs and is willing to stand behind that puppy's health and welfare for the rest of it's life. Learn how to find a "reputable breeder" by Clicking Here

You can learn more about Boston Terriers at the Boston Terrier Club Of America Website