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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More Boston Terriers In Business!

Zoey and Panda (along with their humans, Olive and Robert Chitty) run a business called Pet Creations.

I asked Olive how Pet Creations came to be. Here is the story:
"It all started one Father’s Day while Robert and I were dating, I found a Boston Terrier picture frame and put a picture of Panda in it and gave it to Robert from Panda for Father’s Day. Later, after Zoey joined our family, I looked and looked for a frame for her picture and couldn’t find one. I looked for a year before I found one. Now I sell them!"

Olive, I asked, how did you come to know and love Boston Terriers? Olive replied:
"Before we met, my husband was asked by a friend if he wanted a dog, a black and white boxer a breeder owned but didn’t want because the dog wouldn’t take care of her litter of puppies. Robert said he would take her, he had always had big dogs. Well, he sees cute little Panda and says this is no Boxer but is a Boston Terrier! They fell in love. A few years later, Robert and I meet. I had a dog at the time whose owner had died and her son was sending him to the pound, so I took him in. His name was Teddy. Robert and I started dating and eventually brought Panda over to meet me, Teddy and the 2 cats. I fell in love with Panda. She is so smart, well behaved, cute, great smile, and has a very funny personality. Robert and I got married and had 2 Bears, Teddy Bear and Panda Bear. Teddy died about 2 1/2yrs ago of old age, and we wanted another dog. We knew we wanted another Boston. We looked at rescue, but since Panda was getting older, (she was 10) we felt a puppy would be our best bet. We were concerned about how Panda would react to another female, so we looked for a male. Well, the breeder had 2 puppies left, a male and a female. We went to see them and Zoey came running up to us. She was so lovable and sweet, we knew she was the one for us. We got Zoey at 6 weeks and she is now 2 1/2yrs. She is the one pictured on our web site Pet Creations.

Thank you Olive! Boston Terriers are like potato chips, it is next to impossible not to have more then one!

Please go visit Zoey and Panda at thier blog ( )and don't forget to look at the great Hand painted resin Boston Terrier figure frames at Pet Creations. They have two darling ones to choose from plus many other breeds as well!