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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Picture is copyrighted and is not to be copied or reproduced without permission.WE NEVER KNEW A LOVE LIKE THIS

Aston was born on November 9, 2005 to Hoss Patillo, a Florida breeder. Aston's mom is Twinkie, Hoss's dog. His dad is from Teresa Hendrix (T-Bo Bostons) - Ch. "Lights Up Broadway" a.k.a. Joey. Aston came to us after months of researching for the perfect match with our family. We wanted a pup that was healthy, playful, intelligent, and snuggly. Lucky for us, Aston is all of the above and more!

By 14 weeks, Aston already knew how to do tricks: sit, down, give me five, and come. Now,he's learned how to roll over all by himself! You can see a short video of Aston doing his tricks by clicking HERE

What we love most about him is how much of a cuddle bug he is. Even if he's in the middle of playing, when you pick him up, he's always ready to snuggle. He has THE sweetest personality and is a MAJOR daddy's boy!! We feel extremely blessed to have Aston in our lives. He has brought us SO much joy! We can't wait to see him grow and learn and spend MANY loving years with us!

Aston has his own blog here at Blogspot and would love it if you would stop by and visit sometime. You can find him at:

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