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Friday, January 07, 2011

Bones Not Safe For Dogs?

Today there was a blog post at entitled No Bones About It: Bones are Unsafe for Your Dog

This is the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard made! RAW bones should be a part of every dog's diet. After all, dogs are carnivores! Yes, even Boston Terriers are carnivores and thrive on a raw meat and bone diet. I have been raising and showing Boston Terriers for over 20 years and they have been on a raw meat and bone diet the whole time!

Now, if one wants to state that COOKED bones are unsafe for our dogs then they would be correct in their statement since cooking bones (and meat) alters the molecular structure and makes bones brittle and un-digestible. Cooked bones are just as bad as the article says "bones" are, they just forgot to mention that it is only cooked bones that fit this category, RAW bones are highly nutritious for out dogs and they are designed from their teeth/jaws to their digestive tract eat, digest and utilize nutrition from bones.

Raw bones are natures's tooth brush, jaw and gum exercise equipment and trace minearl and vitamin supplement all in one.

Dr Jeannie Thomason

For more information on the benefits of feeding raw bones (and meat) to our Boston Terriers, please see The Whole Dog website.

Boston Terriers Excel in Agility!

"Quincy" - DG's Buster Keaton Love, wins "Triple Crown" at the Boston Terrier National 2010: Agility: Double Q in both Excellent STD & JWW
Obedience: Double Q in Open B Class & Utility B Class
Rally: Double Q in Advanced B & Excellent B
Congratulations Linda and Quincy on exceptional performance in all three venues!

"Donovan" - JeanE's Mr. Donovan
RN, AX, AXJ, O-OAC, O-OCC, O-OJC, TN-E, WV-E, TG-O, FFX-AP earned his MACH! He is only the 10th Boston Terrier to ever earn a MACH title!

Boston Terriers are such versatile dogs and so willing to please!