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Friday, May 26, 2006

Piglet has fallen on hard times!

Piglet has fallen on hard times! She was picked up as a stray by Birmingham / Jefferson County, Alabama, Animal Control. From there, she came into rescue, where we found that she had pronounced upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, and whip and hook worms. While being treated for these afflictions, she managed to perforate her cornea (ouch!). This eye injury required a surgical repair, and the follow up treatment is at least a month of multiple eye drops and creams for her eye in addition to antibiotics and painkillers. To top off the suffering, she has to wear a large plastic collar (an E-collar) while she heals, lest she scratches her healing eye. Her medical bills are over $900.00 to date! If you can help out with Piglet's bills by sponsoring her, she (and we!) would be very grateful!

Please visit her at the following weblink:

Thank you!

Donna Farmer, President
Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc.
A 501(C)3 Organization

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