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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boston Terrier Earns UKC Weight Pulling Title

Yup, You read right! Boston Terriers are great at just about everything! Missy, "UAGI UWP CH Kismet Joham's Princess Leia CGC TT" Enjoys many differnt sports and has the titles to prove it.

According to Shana Bobbitt, Missy's best friend and guardian, about the only sport Missy does not enjoy, is showing in conformaion.

" Missy is my first Boston Terrier. My fiance' and I purchased her
around Christmas time in 2001 right after I purchased my first home. I
had owned American Pit Bull Terriers since 1996 but was looking for a
smaller package.

I was hoping for an AKC show dog but soon realized Missy hated the
conformation ring. Our first show was the Portland Specialty where she
took a 3rd out of 6 in the Sweeps class. Since that time I have showed her
on a very limited basis and always placed in the middle of our class.
I did title her in UKC Conformation since we were also at those shows
with the pit bulls.

Missy revealed her sense of humor in obedience class, by spinning
around and going quickly in reverse to the heel position from a
recall. So we took an additional advanced class and started working
towards her CD title. She seemed to really enjoy it. She is a bit of a
co-dependant dog anyway so obedience came easy to her.

Around this same time I ordered her a harness for weight pull. While
weight pull was relatively new to UKC, they could not approve it until
it was open for all breeds. So seeing the little cart at the
competition I thought Missy should try that too. We trained a bit at
home and she caught on quickly. Pulling her at the competitions was
really an experience. She did much better than I ever expected. She
really pulls her little heart out for me, outpulling my big dogs by
body % most of the time! She earned her UWP title in quick fashion,
and is 1/2 way to the UWPCH title. We have pulled with UKC and also

Last year an agility instructor moved to town and I happened across
one of her fliers at the vet's office. I was elated. I had always
wanted to learn agility. I took both Missy and my pit bull Buddy to
those first classes. Buddy loved it but, Missy was the star of the
show. She is extremely smart and once she learned the obstacles,
quickly picked her favorites and would dash over to them (off course!)
and run them on her own just for fun. In UKC the first level agility
title does not have weave poles but does have some other strange
contact obstacles. My instructor was very helpful and built many of
the ones I needed for training. Missy earned her UAGI in the first two
weekends we entered trials. She had such a blast and was so cute she
quickly became a favorite with the spectators by taking "big air" over
the little jumps.

We have been steadily working along at our CD title in AKC. I cried
when we earned our first leg. Our second leg was months later and
(unfortunately) under the same judge as the first time so technically
that didn't count towards the title. That same weekend we did get
another qualifying score from another judge so we have 2 legs that we
need out of 3. Finanaces have kept me from entering any more trials
lately so we are holding out for Nationals in April '06 to try and get
that last score we need for what will be our first AKC title.

Missy has also earned her Canine Good Citizen title and the
Temperament Test title from the ATTS. (

Missy has been such a great companion and all I could ask for. She is
my heart dog, and has helped me become a complete Boston Terrier
convert! :) I never realized dogs could be so comical! She brings a
smile to my face with her little antics most every day. My future goal
is to earn the UKC obedience title as well to make her a SuperDog."

Shana Bobbitt & UAGI UWP CH Kismet Joham's Princess Leia CGC TT (Missy)

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