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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Piglet Update

Just got an email from Donna about Piglet's progress and wanted to share with you all that following her plight!.

"Piglet is getting better and better! Her vision is acceptable and the pressure is close to normal now. The conjunctaval flap (sp?) is still there and will wear away over time, so she looks downright ghoulish! I am working on house training and getting her to stop eating poop voraciously (she runs into the house with it, YUCK!).

I want to thank each and everyone who has helped Piglet with money, with prayers, and just sending her good thoughts!"

Donna Farmer
Birminingham Boston Terrier Rescue


Terry C said...

Is there some "gene" in Bostons that makes them eat poop?

My late Boston, Bonzo, did it all the time and my current Boston, Bugzy, does it from time to time.

I don't get it!

Jeannie said...


NO, there is no gene in Bostons to make them eat poop. Most dogs do eat poop from time to time and in most cases it is due to poor nutrition but in many cases the dogs are just being dogs and that is what they do! Yucky, I know! If you dog is on a kibble or canned food and do not supplement with a multi-vitamin, probiotics and digestive enzymes then that just might be the problem. :-)

Have A Pawsitively Grrrreat Day!

Jeannie Thomason
Natural Dog Care Educator, Nutrition Consultant, Pet Aromatherapy Practitioner

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