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Monday, November 05, 2007

Life Is Good!

My name is Charlie and life is good! I am the only child of a couple happily married for nearly 20 years. My parents are Jon and Lori and they did extensive research prior to choosing a breed and breeder. It must have been meant to be, since when they found me I was still with my breeder at 6 months of age. We are a perfect fit! My doggie dad is Ch. Flashpoint’s Cosmic Ray, with whom some of you may be familiar.

I am rather well behaved since I had obedience training. I am only 15 lbs., so my mom can scoop me up if the need arises. She often has had to, since I am a therapy dog at the local nursing home. I need to be placed gently on many beds and laps of people in wheelchairs.

My passion in life is playing ball. I get regular sessions of fetch,
and my dad is my favorite partner for this. I have the freedom to run in my fenced in backyard when my parents are home. We belong to two Boston Terrier meet up groups so we have the pleasure of meeting other people and Boston Terriers as well. My parents have organized some indoor meet ups during the winter months, which have been great fun!

We have traveled a bit visiting family at my grandparents’ home, and have also found some lovely dog friendly hotels. I am usually a big hit wherever we go; people always think that I am sooo cute! My local grandmom and all my aunts and uncles make a big fuss over me too!

My parents have searched for all the perfect lifestyle choices for me, which include grain and potato free food. We discovered this through The Whole Dog mentioned on Little Beasts and Woof! Board, both online Boston Terrier sites. I have tried a few different foods but I do best on Rubicon Grain and Potato Free Lamb Kibble. All the choices that my parents have made for me have made my life second to none! Like I said, life is good!

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